Tuesday, January 20

Culture Shock 73

I didn't think I could have another weather shock out here! But this is one that took me awhile to pinpoint and be able to say out loud.

In California, the coldest part of the night is about 2 in the morning. After that, the temperature starts to go up. The hottest part if the afternoon is between 3-4. You will get a sunburn at this time.

Mississippi is closer to the equator. I'm sure that makes some difference. That and the gulf of Mexico. I've been up with the dogs at 2 in the morning and had the air not be too chilly.  But at 5:30 a.m. Oh my, is it quite a bit lower in temperature. My husband and I are in a debate on the hottest part of the day here. The humidity makes it difficult to pinpoint.

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