Friday, July 25

Culture Shock 47

Accents. Nope. I don't have one. So I thought a year ago!

I can understand most accents. I call it ear-tuning. I have to lean in a bit and watch the lips carefully at times.

My husband has found out from the locals that quite a few people moved up this way after hurricane Katrina hit. These people from the gulf of Louisiana are difficult for me to tune in to. Otherwise, Mississippians don't have too much of a draw in their speech!

I have found a few things that I say funny, though. "Leg" with a long 'a' sound, as well as "eggs." I pronounce the word "I" as the long letter sound, whereas the locals tend to say it with just the beginning sound. (Say it out loud slowly and you can hear 2 distinct sounds!)

I am sure there are other things I say that sound strange out here. In fact, children often stare at me when I say hello. I'm either funny looking or I sound weird to them!

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