Wednesday, July 2

Culture Shock 40


While driving on the west coast, I have hit squirrels and birds. I've seen possum and a gray fox ran in front of my moving vehicle once. I even sliced an already dead coyote in half. (Sad but true: the guy behind me was tailgating me and didn't see the body come flying at his vehicle. He got a flat tire.) Oh yeah, skunks too! Lots of skunks.

I know these animals are part of North America and can be spotted dead or alive just about anywhere.

But, here in Mississippi,  I've seen bunnies, snakes, turtles, and a baby armadillo, who was alive when I saw him!
The amount of roadkill is higher here. Cats and dogs mostly. Actually, my 9 year old and I  passed this dead red fox on the way home for a couple weeks.  We would check out its state of decomposition.  (Hey! Homeschool science!)

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