Thursday, July 3

Culture Shock 41

Everything is bigger and better in Texas!

I remember hearing this as I grew up in the 80s. Bigger hats. Bigger DQ icecream sandwiches. Bigger trucks. Bigger houses. Bigger hair! Always bigger.

Now I can say that about California. Bigger highways than Mississippi.  Bigger towns than Mississippi.  Bigger buildings and stores. More people.

But Mississippi has it's glory too! Bigger families. Bigger yards to play in. More churches. Bigger trailers for hauling the bigger atv or bigger horses or bigger tractors.

Each place has it's charms. It's been a year; 365 days ago that I flew with my kids to be here with my husband. We are still adjusting, still learning, still missing California.  But we are glad to be a family that is together.

So, I've actually never been to Texas, but everything is definitely better when we are together!

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