Saturday, September 19

Culture Shock 112

The kids on the bus to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans were so fun!

As we passed the airport, the kids oohed and awed over the planes taking off. We were pretty close to the airport; the planes were huge compared to our bus. It was hard not to smile as some of the kids saw a plane "up close" for the first time.

Nick thought it was pretty silly that the majority of the kids jumped out of their seats to get a better look at the 10 to 15 story buildings we passed. They had never seen such tall buildings.

Coming from California, 10 stories is nothing! The San Francisco skyline, Oakland, Alameda; they all become common place backgrounds. We also lived near a small airport and the big planes flew over consistently.

We enjoyed others experiencing a bit of culture shock instead of us for once.

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