Wednesday, September 16

Culture Shock 110

I was standing outside in Liberty, MS the other day minding my own business. I was near an intersection that happened to have a stop light. A full logging truck and some kind of tanker were idling here. When the light turned red and the two trucks pushed on the gas pedals hard to get up the hill from a stopped position, I just about lost it!

Remember that I used to live 50 feet from a busy highway.  That was only 2.5 years ago.

No wonder I was an emotional wreck.  No wonder I couldn't sleep well. No wonder I was frazzled half the time.
The 120 seconds I had to listen to those two trucks made me crazy! They were so loud, I couldn't hear myself think!

Thank you, Lord, for the peace and quiet I have here, where I am now.  Thank you that right now, as I write this, I can hear my boys playing nicely outside the back door!

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