Tuesday, April 29

Culture Shock 16

I'm speaking in generalities so bear with me!
My husband has had a bit of bad luck with bosses. I mean to say that he has had quite a few bosses that didn't care about anything but work.  For example, he almost got fired for not coming into work when he was sick or not wanting to work the 8th Saturday in a row because he wanted to spent time with his new bride. He has been hired to manage and then had his abilities questioned because he wasn't obsequious enough.
These experiences, I realize, are just people and can happen anywhere, but for us, they happened in California.
Since moving to Mississippi, we have had a very different experience.
FAMILY COMES FIRST! Your boss understands if you leave work early every Tuesday and Thursday during soccer season. He might even push you out the door to get you to your kids game on time. HE EVEN misses half a week at least during baseball season.
Your boss treats you like family and expects you to take care of yours.
How different and refreshing from the fast paced world of California. We are blessed!

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