Saturday, April 19

Culture Shock 13

One night when my son was 4, I asked him if he wanted me to close his bedroom window. It was a bit stuffy in the house, but the traffic along highway 4 in Brentwood is constant, even at 11:30 at night. It was also only a few feet from our dwelling place.

My son sat up in bed and I could only imagine the look of "Yeah right, Mom," on his face in the dim room illuminated by the hall light. My now 8 year old has loved the noises cars make since he was 4 months old. No, silly me! He would never want the noise of hundreds of cars passing by to be muffled.

I, on the other hand, am a light sleeper. The noise from HIS bedroom window was making me crazy. I finally ended up with a fan going in my room.

The shock? Every morning here in Mississippi reminds me of waking up at camp with the redwoods looming overhead and the birds chirping good morning.

Wow! I get to wake up like that every morning. Not just for a week long summer Bible camp at RCP. I feel like I am on a retreat though! Quiet time. Nature time. Friend time. Amazing worship at FBC in Summit.

Did I mention quiet time!? I don't miss those cars at all!

{Note: as I was proof reading, my neighbors were revving the engine to some loud muscle machine. Geesh! It's still only once in awhile, though!}

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