Friday, April 18

Culture Shock 12

Homeschool. Home School. Unschool.
Many ways to spell one idea. Many ways to implement this one idea. Maybe it's a million ideas put into one. Or one idea split into a million directions. Anyway...

Say "homeschool" in California and again in Mississippi. There are two distinctly different reactions.

People tend to question your sanity if you suggest homeschooling in California. They question your credentials, your moral judgement, your intentions, your motivations. Many people believe that public school is the place for all children. Many people, by choice or by circumstance, put their kids into the public school system.

I make no judgements. It is a personal choice or a choice dictated by culture or, again,  circumstances. Or maybe all of those things put together.

When I mention to fellow Mississipians, (am I one of them already?) that we are homeschooling, most of the time I hear, "Good for you!" "Are you connected with a group?" "Do you know so-and-so?"

I don't want to spark a debate. I was just overwhelmed by such opposite reactions to a personal decision. I don't mind my loved-ones asking me questions and helping me clarify my thoughts. Homeschooling is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do. I had this opportunity and I took it. As a family, we hope we can continue but time and situations will be telling.

Thanks for reading.

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