Wednesday, March 9

Princely Vest

The girly stuff out there is so great if you happen to be blessed with a girl. We are blessed with an active, creative, bouncing boy! My son was invited to a princess party that wasn't about the ruffles and lace, but I still thought that a prince should be invited to the party!

The vest "Fit for a Prince" was born, but needed something more. It just didn't look accomplished enough. (Silly boy pose!)

My son requested "a star on the center back by the neck." His words! I had to deliver since the prince was the one requesting!

I also added 3 star buttons to the left and to the right of the front. It adds boyish sparkle and just enough panache.
Did it get the princes approval? "Ahh. Perfect!" was his response.
Trying out here:

One Month To Win It


  1. The vest turned out very princely indeed. Great job creating it :) Thanks for sharing this at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.