Friday, March 25

Five-Minute-Friday: Waking up...

From Gypsy Mama:
Five minutes to just write, and not worry if it’s just right or not. Kind of like how the rest of my life is at the moment.

Waking Up….

Waking up these days is not what I want to do. But my 5 year old is prompting me that he is hungry.

Waking up these days is painful, a realization that depression has taken it's toll on my health. Headaches and back pain... okay, I'm not trying to complain here.

Waking up these days is a chance to start over; a chance to make things into a better day for my son; a chance to have fun while he is on break from school.

Waking up is a challenge, one I never thought I would face, but one that is very real. Writing this, I plan to make this day into something better than yesterday; to clean my house and get it ready for a new couch and a new coat of paint.

Writing this helps me see that I can have a brighter today. Sharing this makes me want to show the world that I will not let depression win; that I will win this battle of my soul.

Watching Criminal Minds last night and one of the characters said that a bedroom is an outward reflection of the inner self, (something like that.) I look around my house and agree. The mess that doesn't get cleaned up is very much like the mess in my heart and in my head.

But I will win today...!



  1. I hope you won today!

    I've often said the state of my house is a reflection of what's going on inside. Too often the chaos wins. I hope you found a little bit of peaceful order.

  2. Thank you! My husband came home and forced me to win today. We moved furniture and are painting our living room. So, it's a mess, but it will look fabulous when we are done.


  3. Visiting from 5min Fridays. I love having my kids home from school vacations, to make choices for their vacation time, to choose how we will make memories together. Hopefully you will enjoy the vacation days. ;)