Friday, March 4

Cowboy Vest

This was so easy and fast to make! I wish I had more felt and more colors to do another vest! I actually had the idea to make a reversible vest, cowboy on one side, fireman on the other. Then, Dana, from Made, posted this awesome tutorial for a felt vest, so I had to get it done before "Celebrate the Boy" month was over.

This is the basic shape. I didn't have enough white felt to use for the back, so I just made the back black. This is a size 5/6, though, and Dana's pattern was for a bit smaller. I crafted my own pattern from a pull over vest my son has.

Then I added cow spots.

I added bias tape (made from the same felt) and fringe to the bottom.
This is a surprise for my son when he comes home from school today. I will post pics of him wearing the vest when he tries it on!

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