Wednesday, August 5

Culture Shock 101

I never watched "The Blair Witch Project" for those of you who remember that one. I'm not one for scary movies or for shaky cinematography.

That said, the scariest thing in the previews was the music.  I was aghast at the thought that these teenagers would be scared running through the skinny twigs, I mean trees. Seriously, these sticks they were calling trees had me laughing at the previews.

Now, imagine running through a forest where the trees are as big around as your car. You can't see around them.  Anything could jump out at you from a number of locations. If you don't see your buddy turn to the left, chances are you will lose him quickly amongst the trees. These are redwood trees, or gnarly oak trees, or a one hundred year old pine forest. It's not a little birch tree you are leaning against!

I thought "The Blair Witch Project" took place in a fantasy forest.  I really did. Until I went on a retreat in Atlanta and saw the skinny trees...

I did a ropes course on retreats in the redwood forest.  Those are big strong trees holding you up! I braved the ropes course on these skinny trees in Atlanta and I'm so glad I did. It was amazing! It was different watching the trees sway in the breeze as I climbed through the obstacles.  The massive redwoods never swayed!

So I look at these young forests here in Mississippi and I miss my redwoods.
I wish I had a picture to show you...

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