Monday, March 9

Culture Shock 77

It's been done.

The Ipad got left on the roof of the car as we drove away. We didn't even miss it for 2 hours.

The screen was already cracked. Rob dropped it while helping someone with a heavy mat. But I expected it to be shattered this time.

Sunday after church, we stopped to get gas, them headed out to a restaurant anniversary brunch.  As I walked to the car after eating, I started to get messages and texts about the Ipad. I got confused and asked Rob when he finally came out.

Oh! Yep! The Ipad is missing! I put it on the roof so I could strap the baby in. The case is the exact same color as the car and I didn't see it to pick it up.

Turns out it stayed on the roof all the way from church to the Walmart parking lot where we turned around to get gas.

Some wonderful family saw it and picked it up. They used the messenger app on it to find the last texted number. Thank you, hubby, that it was me! The mom met us in the parking lot of the restaurant and we were reunited. We gave her all the cash we had, $3. The Ipad wasn't much more damaged either!

LONG STORY SHORT: thank you, Mississippi, for your honesty and integrity. California, unfortunately, does not compare. Of course there are good people everywhere, but in general, a lot of them live here in MS!

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