Saturday, December 1

Gift Exchange 2012

I haven't sewn anything since March, when my new job went into full swing.  Now that I'm on maternity leave, I can sew again!  I decided to do this gift exchange to get me started, set a deadline, and actually uncover my sewing machine.

So I did just that.  I mailed it a day late because my stinkin' car battery died yesterday and I got stuck at the dentist.  A friend came to rescue me but I didn't make it to the post office in time.

Here is what I made.  I sent a couple of bags I made for kids too.  My partner in the exchange has two little girls.  I forgot a picture of that stuff. 

I love this combination together!  I hope my gift exchange partner likes it too!
Always wish I could do more, but in the middle of moving, pregnancy, and being a single parent temporarily, I did what I could!

It's not much, but I hope she likes it.  I would list the tutorial I got this from, but I had to make so many modifications that I practically made it up myself.  Plan on making more in the future, possibly with inside pockets and definitely with longer handles.

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  1. Hi, Beth

    What a great bag. I so enjoyed stopping by your blog and looking around. I found your blog on the Craftaholics Handmade gift exchange. I am a new follower too! Love for you to stop by

    Have a great week.