Tuesday, May 5

Waiting on Jesus

The Beloved Disciple by Beth Moore

I am using my quiet time in the morning to read through this study of John the Apostle's life. I actually can't wait to finish with it and then read the Gospel of John with this new insight that I'm learning.

I'm at the beginning of Part 8.  That sounds crazy to me.  Anyway, Beth Moore reminded me of something I should know but seem to have forgotten.

She reminded me that if Jesus sends us, He will meet us there.

I'm sitting in our tiny cabin that we call home. Oh, do I have a list of complaints a mile long!  But the blessings should outweigh these silly comforts I think I deserve.  A few blessings:
Healthy children
A warm place to sleep
A big backyard to run and play in
A job for the hubby
Making new friends
Food on the table

I've still been waiting for Jesus, though.  We are blessed. I see His provisions clearly! I'm simply waiting for an answer to,  "What do we do next?"

So Beth Moore reminded me that He sent me out here, therefore He will meet me here.  The Israelites were slaves for 400 YEARS. John the Baptist wandered in the wilderness.  John the Beloved Disciple waited for Christ to return as he watched his friends get martyred one be one.

I will wait in faith that Jesus will direct my path. My impatience does not bring Him nearer to my heart. I will wait and count my blessings. I will wait and watch His glory shine in the lives around me and rejoice in it. I will wait in humility for Him to direct my path. I will wait on Jesus.

I will wait on Jesus because it is worth the wait; He is worth the wait.  Whatever He has planned for me will be worth the wait. I will wait on Jesus because He brought me out here for a purpose. I'm searching and reading and studying and trying to keep my eyes on the prize.  I don't want to miss Him.

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