Wednesday, December 10

Culture Shock 66

Tonight, I was reminded of when I first came to Mississippi 17 months ago.

My husband had taken us on a twilight walk of our property. It was July. It was a gorgeous night. It was peaceful and beautiful.

Tonight, in December, it was cold. It was pitch black out. The now 2 year old was screaming for chocolate.

What was the same? What triggered my memory of such a sweet family time? What could possibly make the two nights comparable?

Bobcat. One word. One cat. Something wild. Something unknown. Bobcat.

That night in July of 2013 had ended with a growl, a rush to the house, an internet search and a confirmation that we had walked very close to a bobcat and her den.

This December night is being spent in worry as we spotted a bobcat stalking our chickens the night before.  The dogs are sleeping inside because of the cold, but I was petrified to retrieve them from their kennel this evening because of a bobcat. The dogs run is a good 100 feet from the house with no lights to guide the way.

I know bobcats don't attack people. I looked it up!  It's just the fear of the dark and the unknown, of the wild and the cold.

The most wild animal I ever had in my backyard in California was a turkey.

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