Thursday, November 17

Grandpa's Box

These are the items I received from one of my grandfather's painting supply boxes. It is so neat to hold these things and think about what Grandpa used them for!

I have a box of his old pastels and a folded, blank canvas. The box is Grumbacher brand.
Here are some of his books for inspiration and learning and sketching. I even found a sketch book with his handwriting. Looks like he was working on writing a play!

His artist's pallet.
Some paint brushes and other tools, and an artist's mannequin.
I wrote a poem a long time ago about what secrets were still waiting to be painted inside Grandpa's box of tools; how I wish so much I could sit and watch him paint; how I want him to teach me his techniques and about his inspiration. But he died when I was 3. I have two memories of him holding me. I know that I would have been his favorite!!

I have another box in the garage with even more treasure including oil paints in metal tubes and even some old chemicals like paint thinner and quick-drying solutions. Can't wait to show you that one!

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